Let’s say you have an idea to buy a set of furniture made from artificial rattan. What are your strengths and weaknesses? In the pictures, the chairs, sofas and even the beds look open, cool and awesome. However, many, especially men, believe that the garden furniture is designed specifically for lightweight young women, and that under strong men, chairs are just down. And this is not the only myth about rattan furniture. Therefore, before making a purchase decision, you need to compare the list of positive and negative features.

Manufacturers praise the material, promising almost unlimited operations. What’s really good in polyrating. It’s not like the natural polirotang is heavier. Garden furniture will not be overturned by strong winds, however, artificial rattan furniture is still lighter than traditional options.

  • although repeated exposure to rain will not affect the appearance and features of garden furniture. It can be safely left in the open air – nothing will happen. On artificial stems, scratches are not visible. You can’t be afraid of paint debris. Ever since Procras walked in large numbers;
  • dirt from furniture can be easily removed with soap solution. With continuous effects, you can use alcohol – the substance will not suffer. Vacuum, wash, wipe with a damp cloth – all methods can be used;
  • Polyprints can be made from recycled materials. This purchase will contribute to the preservation of the environment;
  • by aesthetic standards, polyratings are nothing to lose to their counterparts. In addition, techno-rattan is more powerful and silently holds a person’s weight of 120 kg.

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