Although the bed is still the most essential aspect of every bedroom, the space is not full without at least one bedside table (or two, if you have a partner).


Bedside tables come in a range of sizes and forms and can have a variety of functions. Only a few examples:

  • Nightstands—small, basic sections built to house a lamp and a clock.
  • Easy tables—may be built for any room in the home, but compact enough for bedtime use.
  • Bedside cabinets—small drawer chests or cabinets of drawers and other storage compartments.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for or accessorizing bedside tables.

  • Size: People use everything from small chests, desks, side chairs and even small stools as bedside tables. If they’re looking good and they’re fighting for space, go for it. However, note these important sizing rules before making a final decision. Bedside tables should still be around the same size as the mattress. Anything far higher or smaller doesn’t seem right. When it comes to depth, you don’t want something much larger than 24 inches. Anything bigger than that will make it a little difficult to get in and out of bed. It’s all right to go as little as you can, as long as it’s still functional and suits your needs.
  • Storage: A lot of people prefer bedside tables that provide storage. These types of tables are perfect because you can store books, slippers, or something else, but if you want a minimalist look, feel free to pick one without extra room. You may also mount a shelf or wall bracket along the height of the mattress instead of using a conventional table for a more tidy and spare look.
  • Accessories: When it comes to accessories, your bedside tables should be easy. A mirror, a clock and maybe a little flower vase or a picture frame are all you need. Note, bedside tables are intended to be functional. Find someone else to demonstrate the knickknacks. You don’t want to hop over unintentionally in the night and run over a lot of accessories.
  • Matching or not matching? : The most popular look is to have two matching tables on each side of a wide bed, but this is not required. If you find two different tables you’re in love with, use them. If you want the room to look cohesive, place matching lamps on both of the tables to better tie the two together. Of course, feel free to use conventional pairs for a uniform look.

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