Granite Composite Sink advantages and disadvantages

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The Advantages of Granite Composite Sinks

Granite composite sinks have become quite popular in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why.

This material is incredibly strong and durable but not so “hard” that you have to watch the glasses or dishes you place in the sink to rinse or clean them. It is luxurious without the exorbitant expense and frequent upkeep that typical granite brings to the table.

1) Natural granite sinks are less expensive.

People choose granite composite sinks because they have 99 percent of the look of conventional granite without the granite price tag, which is (usually) enough to sway them in this direction.

Traditional granite sinks may cost an arm and a leg, and if you start looking at more “exotic” granite designs, they can cost much more.

No one likes to have to choose between a new vehicle and a kitchen sink, and while granite sinks aren’t that pricey, typical granite price tags might make it appear that way.

However, granite composite is usually far less expensive than using the traditional approach. It is not at all uncommon to find these sinks at prices 25% to 50% lower than what traditional granite would have cost homeowners, making them something you should certainly consider.

2) Durable

The granite composite has an exceptional durability.

You get a lot of the hardness, strength, and rigidity that a regular granite sink would have, mixed with the forgiveness, modest malleability, and “flexibility” of composite materials.

This means you’ll get a gorgeous, stiff sink that looks powerful and robust without having to worry about your dishes shattering on contact when you rinse or clean them in the sink.

3) Various sizes, styles, and forms are available.

When it comes to natural granite materials, you have to work with whatever Mother Nature decided to do so many years ago, which you are not entirely responsible for if you opt to go with granite composite.

Because of the hybridization of granite and composite materials, there are many more designs, patterns, forms, and size possibilities accessible when going in this approach. When you choose this path in kitchen design, you open up a world of possibilities.

4) Non-porous, sanitary, and resistant to heat

To operate properly as a sink, natural granite must be sealed (and then resealed on a regular basis), something most homeowners aren’t interested in doing every six months or even every year.

Granite composites, on the other hand, provide a very non-porous and virtually hydrophobic material that sheds water like a duck’s back.

So you’re talking about a sink that’s far more sanitary because there aren’t any nooks and crannies for germs to hide in, as there may be with a granite sink.

5) Simple to clean (no chemicals needed)

It is really simple to keep your granite composite sink looking as good as new.

A little frequent cleaning (every month or so) goes a long way toward keeping the finish looking beautiful.

Assume you’re cleaning items that are especially acidic or have a high staining potential. If you have a little wine and go down the drain, you may want to clean a bit more vigorously, but other than that, you don’t have to care for the granite composite as you do typical granite sinks.

The disadvantages Of Granite composite sink 

While granite composite sinks have gained popularity among kitchen designers and homeowners worldwide in recent years (for many excellent reasons, as discussed above), this does not mean that these sinks are without problems.

The least expensive sink choices available

To begin with, while granite composite solutions are substantially less expensive than standard granite options, they are hardly the “budget option” for today’s households.

Stainless steel sinks continue to be the most affordable option on the market, while giving many of the same benefits (plus a few more) that granite and granite composite sinks cannot currently provide.

If you’re looking for a new sink only on pricing, you should go elsewhere than granite composite.

1) There is a reasonable chance of chipping and breaking.

While the risk of chipping and cracking is greatly reduced when granite is combined with composite materials, it is not totally eliminated.

Even if the material is covered by 20% resin or some other substance that binds it all together, you are still dealing with 80 percent natural granite components that have the potential to be damaged.

Because of the resin impregnation, a granite composite sink may withstand greater abuse than ordinary granite. Still, you can’t just throw big pots and pans in the sink without expecting something bad to happen.

2) Large, hefty, and heavy.

Stainless steel sinks are popular for their ease of installation, owing to their low weight and ability to be handled easily with one hand.

That will not happen with granite composite.

This item is still rather large, somewhat hefty, and definitely on the heavier side of things. You’ll need some assistance installing this new sink in your kitchen, but you should also consider fortifying the area surrounding your sink (and maybe even under your sink) to ensure that your choice of granite composite isn’t compromised. Don’t be concerned about your countertops or cabinets.

3) Special care is required.

Even if it requires less special maintenance than standard granite, special maintenance will be necessary every year or so (or if anything very acidic or with a high probability of staining gets into your sink, as we described above).

A few firms have developed non-chemical cleaning products to assist you in making fast work of your granite composite. That’s a terrific method to maintain things nice and clean (and sanitary) without ruining the finish or perhaps jeopardizing the resin in your tank.

However, you will not be required to reseal the container. You may have had to settle for typical granite selections

That’s a significant positive, even if some extra maintenance is required, because not many people enjoy having to reseal their granite sink every 12 months to keep it looking beautiful.

4) Lighter hues have a higher staining potential.

Lighter colors in granite composites are far more susceptible to discolor than darker hues for obvious reasons.

What may pique your interest even more is that lighter-colored granite composites wreak havoc and have a higher probability of staining than regular lighter-colored granite sinks.

Much of this is due to the resin used in light-colored composite sinks. This resin may absorb a large amount of acidic or staining substance and then “hold” it practically forever. The only method to remove it is to burn that piece of resin and then refinish the entire sink (or replace the whole sink).

If you have regular spaghetti nights or a family that drinks a lot of wine (some of which ends up in the sink), you’ll want to stay on top of cleaning things promptly. And quickly, otherwise your lighter granite components will be stained.

A lot of this may be prevented by choosing a darker hue. However, due to the aesthetic impression that dazzling white or another lighter tint might have on your kitchen, extra cleaning will be required as compensation.

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