We are too ambitious to decorate a space that is as fresh as possible which is always beautiful in a large space. However, when dealing with narrow spaces, we need to know the right decorating techniques so that the purchased ones can be used, comfortable and ideal and eye-catching.

  1. look for the sofa under its waist. This is to prevent the view of space.

  2. look for a two-seat sofa as the main sofa.

  3. It’s not wrong to choose a brightly colored sofa. white ivory or cream tones are seen as the best color ideas besides pastel tones.

  4. Choose a four-person dining table. In addition to the rectangular shape, you can choose a round dining table. only the dining table can now be resized to six seats.

  5. Avoid choosing a dining table chair above the table level. this will only stifle the view. It’s best if you just choose a long bench like in the school cafeteria which is now a trend among designers.

  6. Avoid buying the same set of sofas. It just makes the space more cluttered.

  7. The cushioned cushions, even the concept of arabic living quarters, are well-suited for less space.

  8. If you still have a small retro-style wooden chair, it can also be recycled as it doesn’t take up much space.

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