Today I want to share with you all the tips for choosing the type of mattress that suits us. Did you know that 9/10 of Malaysians suffer from sleep disorders or known as ‘sleep disorders’ according to a study conducted in 2018.

Sleep disorders can cause a number of other problems such as fatigue, lack of focus, headaches, body aches, mood swings and more that affect us all day.

Several factors have been identified as contributing factors such as stress at work, eating before bed, indefinite sleep, body stature and mattress. Yes, a mattress affects our sleep.

When we go to luxury hotels you notice their beds are very comfortable to sleep in. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even want to wake up. Feel comfortable and cool. Add in more pads.

The way we all sleep is different. Husband and wife are different. Other kids. Sometimes we buy expensive mattresses and still feel uncomfortable sleeping. It’s still not good.

Besides being comfortable we identify our sleeping position that we are comfortable with. For those who have fallen asleep or call it a ‘back sleeper’ I recommend choosing a firm or hard mattress.

This is because it can support our sleeping position. We won’t feel like drowning in or out. You’ll feel more relaxed later.

For those who sleep in the opposite direction, I suggest you choose the ‘soft’ or soft type so that it fits our body shape as we tread. There are also mattresses that have supporting features according to our body’s zone and shape.

Before you buy a new mattress make sure you know your comfortable sleeping position. Hope the above tips can help you all make the right type of mattress for you.

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