1. Misplaced the sofa

Choosing the wrong sofa can affect the living room concept. Before buying a sofa make sure first whether it fits into the living room interior concept. Also consider the size, color, design and function. For example, you can choose sofas with a simple design for a minimalist concept living room.

2. Size of carpet

A common mistake when decorating a living room is to choose a rug that is too small. Small size rugs are just for the bedroom. Preferably, before buying carpets find out the exact size of the living room.

Don’t choose just because of the attractive motifs and colors while the size does not fit the living room.

3. Style combination

You can simply incorporate motifs, colors, themes, or styles into your home’s interior to make it more appealing. However, do not let that combination affect the decor of the space. Adapt to the theme of the interior of the living room so that the décor looks good.

4. Television 

As we often see, the living room is like a home theater. All furniture is arranged in the direction of the television. It’s best to give some ‘freedom’ to the living room. Not all furniture in the living room needs to be directed toward the television. Be more creative with the furniture in this main room.

5. Get closer furniture to the wall

Not all spaces will look attractive this way. It looks like there’s a magnetic attraction that pulls all the furniture to the wall. So, be smart when it comes to designing your living room, especially when it comes to arranging your furniture to look balanced.

6. Too much decoration

Excessive living room decoration can disturb the beauty and serenity of the space. Especially if you put in the inappropriate decor. Remember, don’t just want to make a luxurious impression on your living room to make mistakes that could ruin the beauty.

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