1. Pattern Manipulation

“Less is more!” Avoid mixing too many patterns that have nothing to do with each other; examples of floral and geometric motifs. Apply patterns only to certain accessories – sofas, cushions, curtains, and wallpaper

2. Space Distribution

Designer Carolyn Roehm forbids dividing visual space into smaller spaces. He said, “Sharing a small space is like seeing a short cut skirt.” He proposes to use the same fabric or motif for sofas, cushions, and wallpaper to create the illusion of cocoon in a small space.

3. Plain walls

Don’t let the sides of the wall be quiet without words. Hang your local or international children’s artwork to bring the entire space to life. If modern-day residences, Islamic art, Kufi are to be considered.

4. Stacked Furniture

Avoid buying similar furniture or series in the living room. Increase your creativity by mixing furniture; sofas, coffee tables, ottomen, chaise lounge chairs in design suits and fabric wraps so that the space offered is unobtrusive on just one axis.

5. Silk furniture

Designer Todd Klein says for limited space, avoid any furniture that is more than 36 inches wide or high. “It’s best not to take up space with steroid injections. You need to have furniture that is the right size, height and depth for every scale of the design space. ”

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