1. Know the kitchen cabinet material available on the market

Among the most common materials of choice are melamine ABS, laminate, 3G, 4G, solid solid and even aluminum. All of these materials have their own advantages. Choose according to the location, circumstances, interests and budget.

2. Know the pros and cons of each material

Some of the things you need to keep in mind are:

  • Durable kitchen cabinet durability
  • Strength of kitchen cabinets according to usage
  • Material resistance to moisture or waterproofing
  • Resistance to pests

3. Be sure to select a qualified and registered contractor

These tips are one of the most important tips before choosing a contractor who will remodel your home. If you make the wrong choice, you may incur significant losses. Therefore, before making a decision, you need to survey the background of the contractor and their company on the CIDB website in the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Click the following link https://bit.ly/2YQsti9

Step 2: Fill out information about your contractor such as name, location, category and so on

Step 3: Click the ‘search’ button

4. Get authentic info on google from experts

How to find out whether or not Google info is valid? It’s easy, you can start a search on google before you meet a specialist. Then gather the information, and ask the interior decorator one by one. And remember to ask for a sample of each and record the info for future purposes.

5. Choose a cabinet color that suits your home concept

In addition to knowing the material, selecting contractors and others, the choice of cabinet color is also very important to match the house concept. And if it fades, of course the ‘draw’ of the kitchen becomes less. Then they had to invest more to do the dyeing to bring back the kitchen series. It’s not just people who know there’s a tie. So make sure you choose colors and materials that will remain beautiful and evergreen even after eating.

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