Maybe you also really want to own it for rattan furniture and if you are interested then immediately find and buy and order a rattan furniture. And you must know the advantages and this rattan is very profitable as follows:

1. Have a Light Weight

If you compare it with furniture made of other materials such as solid wood, maybe furniture made of rattan weighs much lighter. Because of the lightness of this type of furniture, it can be shifted very easily and can be moved anywhere relatively easily. Sebagimana baby crib made of rattan and very, very beautiful and very light to carry.

If you have rattan cribs, you don’t need to buy 2 boxes to place in the nursery as well as in your private room. Maybe you can just lift it or slide it when you need it. In order to be safer and more comfortable for your heart, put a mattress on the base and also a pillow around the bed box.

2. Rattan Furniture Is Relatively Cheap

Maybe you also like cheap stuff. Although the price of an original rattan furniture is relatively cheaper than a piece of furniture made from other original materials, but that does not make rattan furniture of poor quality. You can choose a work chair made of rattan. And this rattan furniture is very unique and beautiful, of course, light to carry.

3. Exudes a classic ethnic nuance

Because everything that is ethnic and classic is sure to steal the attention of international clans. No wonder if a lot of rattan furniture craftsmen have exported their products abroad. Not only with the models and types that are so common, but rattan can be transformed into furniture that is so amazing and large as a bed.

However, in the Pulou Java area, it is very rare and still uses little rattan beds. Due to the high interest of a foreign market for rattan handicrafts, perhaps the craftsmen will explore more in making furniture to export to foreign markets rather than to local markets. But who prohibits and is not wrong in choosing and owning this rattan furniture.

4. The Material is Strong

Because the strength of a furniture made from rattan can be combined with a furniture made of solid wood. As proof, a rattan can be transformed into a lounge chair for the family room or living room. But the lounge chair is very and so strong to withstand a burden that is received and to accept the burden of some human children, teenagers and even adults.

5. The material is very durable

A rattan is proven to be durable and of course it can last a very long time. However, you are quite diligent in cleaning it from a dust and not often placed close to the sun, so rattan furniture such as this dining chair can be passed on to your children and grandchildren whenever you have new chairs and dining tables.

So that this furniture looks more varied from time to time. Match a chair with a table with other materials such as wood or a table with a modern design made of iron. And also add a cushion that is very soft on the seat of a chair so that the dining atmosphere feels very very comfortable.

6. Can Be Formed Anything

Apart from being a piece of furniture, maybe a rattan can also be used as a decoration for a house. For example for a dining table, dining chair, partition, or wall decoration and others. Decoration can also be made from a recycled rattan item that is no longer used. you can also make or find and buy a decoration that is so beautiful and attractive.

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