7 tips to choose furniture for Airbnb

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Here is 7 tips to choose furniture :

1. Choose Furniture In Concept

The concept of interior decoration for a space is very important before you choose furniture. Undeniably, choosing a concept first makes it easier for us to determine which furniture best fits the concept we carry. Examples of concepts that can be your choice include modern, traditional, natural, contemporary, minimalist and many more concepts. Note: Modern furniture does not fit the traditional concept.

2. Measure Furniture by House Area

Before buying furniture, we also need to take into account the size of the space. Preferably before going to the furniture store, we can take a measurement of space. After getting the measurements, you can go to the nearest furniture store. Do not forget to measure the furniture according to the size of our space earlier. Try asking the furniture shop toucan earlier, there is a measuring tape for you to use. Usually measuring tape is available in furniture stores.

3. Types and Quality of Wood

As consumers, we have the right to know the quality of a product as well as furniture. It is important that we ask the material used to make the furniture. For example, the type of wood, this determines the shelf life of the furniture. Avoid buying furniture made of wood dust. It is undeniable that it is cheap, but what about the quality of the product?

4. Better Legs

Think of the function of furniture in our daily activities. The selection of barefoot furniture is better because it simplifies our work to clean the dust especially on the floor. Also, furniture with bare feet is easy to move or lift compared to furniture without legs.

5. Color

Color also plays an important role in the selection of home furniture. Try to match the color of the furniture with other colors in the space. The selection of inappropriate furniture colors will further tarnish the atmosphere in the space itself.

6. Price According to Budget

With today’s economy, we need to be careful about spending. If possible, first study the price that fits in your pocket. If you can afford to spend less budget, you can choose quality furniture that is garden for a long time.

7. Shipping costs

Shipping costs should also be taken into account before purchasing furniture. Sometimes there are furniture stores that charge extra for shipping costs. Try choosing a furniture store that offers free shipping costs.

For more information about Airbnb Furniture Malaysia, please visit https://www.furnituredirect.com.my/

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