Choose Furniture that Fits in Narrow Bedroom

Choosing the right furniture in a small bedroom is a challenge for anyone. With rooms with limited space, you will need space for bedding, wardrobes and some personal furniture without making the space seem too narrow.

Tip # 1 Choose the right size furniture for the room. For example, a teenager does not need a bed as two adults sleep. Select a single bed from the king size bed.

Tip # 2 Choose furniture that is modern, comfy and not overly detailed with details like a classic wooden bed that can take up space.

Tip # 3 No need to place the right side table on the bed as usual. Place only one side table and the other side lamps.

Tip # 4 If your living room is not square to one side or has a long wall, try using it to build a built-in wardrobe. This gives you more storage space.

Tip # 5 Use all available space such as the basement as a storage area with the provision of a marked storage box for easy searching and storage.

Tip # 6 Remove any decorative furniture or accessories that will not help you find a neat, spacious and orderly space.

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