Coffee Table Size: How to Pick the Best Coffee Table Size

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The size of the coffee table is just as critical as the form and design. It will totally alter the feel and functionality of your living room. Read our guide to learn how to choose the best height of your living room coffee table.

Coffee Table Size

When selecting a new coffee table, it’s important to measure your current living room furniture using a tape measure before you start. These dimensions will help you select the size and width of the coffee table that will be right for your room. Follow the recommendations below to decide the perfect size of the coffee table, including weight, height, width, depth and placement.


The typical height of the coffee table is between 16″ and 18″ but we recommend selecting the height of the coffee table that suits best with your sofa. We recommend that you pick a coffee table of the same height as your couch cushions, or 1″ – 2″ lower. This helps you to conveniently remove some drinks or snacks off your desktop.


The length of the coffee table is also critical when buying a coffee table. To avoid overflowing your closet, we suggest that you select a coffee table that is approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa. Coffee table length measurements that are equal to the size of the sofa length help make the living room look more balanced.

Height and Placement

To assess the width of the right coffee table for your living room, you must first consider where to position it. To allow simple maneuvering around your coffee table, it is recommended that you leave between 12″ and 18″ of space between the coffee table and the sofa. To ensure comfortable foot traffic across the rest of your living room, we also suggest leaving 30″ of space between the coffee table and other pieces of furniture, like a TV stand or entertainment center. To calculate the width of the perfect coffee table for your space, measure from your sofa to your TV stand or other big piece of furniture, then subtract 48″ (30″ + 18″). This is the perfect coffee table width of your living room.

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