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Where Want to Buy Furniture ?

Furniture Direct was set up to offer affordable Malaysia products to their customers. They range is retail over the internet as their want all customers to benefit from the cost savings such as high rental cost & holding cost. These savings is reflected in their prices and on top of it consumers will be buying into the latest design at much lower prices and bring you great design furnitures with an affordable price. Without having pay rental or retail, they provide consumers the most direct prices from manufacturer and easy access online platforms for consumers to go through the best online shopping experience. They offer wide range of products for you to personalise your home.

Console Table Malaysia

They also offer various type of console table such as MADRID, HACHI solid acacia wood, MALABAR, Rubberwood, EBON, ULLAM, COLUMBIA and more.

Coffee Tables Malaysia

Shop for living room furniture online at Furniture Direct including coffee tables, cabinets, TV units, rugs, cushions & more. Create a beautiful living room with the Furniture Direct range of sofas, sofa beds, coffee tables, throws and more. Whatever your style, we can make your living room an elegant place to relax.

Mattress Malaysia

Here at Furniture Direct they know how important it is to find your perfect mattress, after all they spend a third of their lives in bed. Whether you are looking for pocket spring or memory foam, traditional spring or Latex, they have a wide range of luxurious mattresses to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Office Chairs Malaysia

They offer various type of office chair such as BRAVO, ENZO, ALFRO, DERBY, MISSOURI, KINGSTON, TULLSTA, MELBY, JENKAL, STRANDMAN and more.

Office furniture Malaysia

At Office Direct, we offer a wide range of new office furniture for your business. Explore their selection by browsing categories below. As always, they are happy to assist you as you plan your new or upgraded office design.

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