A well-established knockdown particle board furniture manufacturing company in Malaysia starts to make a blooming at the year 2009. They have nearly 100 employees and factory size with 7,000 square meters build in the area.

Furnizone have a great team in research and development to customize a trendy goods design in home types of furniture such as wardrobe, bedroom sets, children bedroom sets, living room furniture, children cabinet, kitchen cabinet, and hallway furniture.

Over years of operation, their company is well-known as a reliable panel board base furniture manufacturer not just solely purpose on the company’s efficient capability to deliver the goods ordered with a short production lead time, but also the credit on research and development process which allow the market to enjoy the innovative and trendy goods. 90% of the products are exported worldwide.

Furnizone produce their furniture by using large-scale and advanced furniture manufacturing technology. The are many types of high-tech machines in their factory such as high-speed auto panel saw machine, CNC machine, and high-end edge banding machine and automatic boring machines. Their company also have a smooth conveyor system in the factory to produces high productivity and reduce error and lost.

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