Thinking over the interior of a new apartment or during renovations, it is important to buy original cabinets, styles, tables and chairs, and combine them properly and in accordance with the layout of the premises. Read tips on choosing a table with a mirror.

  1. When buying a table with mirrors or glass inserts, make sure all parts are made of high quality, from strong materials and resistant to mechanical loads.
  2. The dressing table should be located in a room with plenty of natural light near the windows. If this is not possible, it is worthwhile to arrange a table on the wall, where there are windows. Otherwise, if you place a table with a mirror in front of the window, then when you sit at the table, the light from the window, which is reflected from the surface of the mirror, will go blind.
  3. The surface of the mirror does not require special care, but it quickly becomes dirty. Fixed fingerprints on mirrors and glass surfaces, which can be viewed from different viewing angles. Do not buy a dress table that is too low.
  4. The first thing buyers pay attention to when choosing furniture is its appearance. Furniture should not only be combined with colors, but also complement each other, be functional and do not disturb the space.
  5. You do not have to rush and buy the original table, without thinking about where in the room will fit harmoniously. Making measurements for the future of “beauty corners”, we can not forget the free space around it.
  6. Another important parameter when choosing a table is its capabilities. If you are a professional makeup artist, you provide services at home, then you have a lot of cosmetics, jewelry and accessories, respectively, there should be at least 6 boxes and shelves on the table.
  7. Dimensions. If you need versatile furniture, you should look at a dressing table with a three-leaf mirror (in a different way, trellis). Changing the viewing angle allows you to fully consider yourself. If your apartment does not have large mirrors, you should think about buying.

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