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Table Fans

Electric Table Fan is one of the common electric appliances used in houses, offices, shops and business establishments to provide air circulation and to cool down temperature. Fan circulates the air, which enhances the evaporation rate of sweat from body, due to which body is cooled.

KDK table fans come in two sizes: 12” (30cm) and 16” (40cm). They are in beige, silver blue and flame red colour. Table fans are portable to be placed on the table, chair or even placing on the floor which consume less space.

Wall Fans  

Wall fan are placed on the wall on a mount. The places where you can easily find a wall fan are the bathroom or a kitchen. Wall mounted fans are adjustable & convenient because of its oscillating head. It can also circulate the air around the room efficiently and with the same amount of electricity consumption. Other benefits of wall fans include ease of maintenance and ease of use. This type of fan can be used for residential & commercial needs. If we talk about the safety features than they are enclosed in a cage so that the blades won’t injure anyone.

KDK Wall Fans comes in three sizes (12”, 16” and 18”) with different features such as remote control, pull switch and metal blades.


Stand Fans

Stand fans is an electric, oscillating fan supported by an adjustable, detachable stand.

KDK stand fan comes in full automatic oscillation with clutch control. It is easily moveable and provides cooling breeze to any room.

Auto Fans

An oscillating fan is a type of fan that oscillates or swings from side to side. These fans are very popular because they are inexpensive, and are available in different styles. An oscillating fan consists of a stationary stand, or body. The casing that houses the fan blades is mobile, and moves from left to right and back. Due to their structure and way of operation, oscillating fans provide cooler air because of the way they distribute air throughout the room.  

KDK auto fan is also named as oscillating fan. It can rotate 360 degree. It is suitable for commercial and residential use.

For more information about General Fans, please visit https://www.kdk.com.my/products/general-fans/table-fans/

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