Kitchen cabinets are among the items that help increase the sale value of a residential unit. Kitchen cabinets are selected based on material, design, storage space and cost.

Tips on Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Material

  • Solid Wood

Looking stronger and more durable, this type of cabinet is best built with durable wood. The cabinets are also supported by veneer and plywood. Door leaves can be constructed using solid wood or veneer.

  • Used Wood Mix

The cabinets are made of a mix of recycled wood and recycled materials. Mostly, they use bamboo, various types of thin wood, wheat board and even waste leather from shoe manufacturers.

  • Laminate

The veneer is made up of layers of paper and plastic resin fastened to plywood or board particles. Laminate is difficult to form, so most door designs are flat and smooth. Laminate is quite popular as a kitchen cabinet material in our country due to its wide variety of colors and textures; matte or shiny.

  • Thermofoil

Made from vinyl heating techniques, thermofoil contains compressed wood fibers (MDF). The thermofoil type cabinets offer a wide variety of designs.

  • Metal

The metal used is stainless steel, opaque and scratch resistant. Personally, I chose this kind of material because it’s easy to maintain, not easy to swallow, and looks pretty sturdy and definitely stylish! Ideal for those who want an industrial concept kitchen.

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