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Bathroom Accessories

Different amazing style, better quality and true functionality are all key ingredients in their unique and exclusive range of Bathroom Accessories. Find out more bathroom accessories at their place Mandi BP. they carry innovative designs from many brands such as Bareno/ Grohe/ Johnson Suisse/ Toto/Abagno and their own brand “EVANS”.

Basin Cabinet Malaysia

Mandi BP is one of the specialized supplier/dealer for basin cabinet. They do have exclusive designer basin cabinet which inclusive with mirror & come in full set which like furniture. You as customer will get to impress when look at the latest design which is suitable for current market trend and who want the traditional look as well. The basin cabinet are available in many brands such as Ledin/ Johnson Suisse/ Bareno and their own brand Evans.

Bathroom Shower  

Find range of product under bathroom fittings such as bath spout/sliding bar/shower arm/ wall outlet/wall bracket/shower hose at Mandi BP which available in few brands such as Johnson Suisse / Evans/ Bareno/ Roca/ Grohe/ Abagno.

Bathtub Malaysia

Mandi BP carries bathtub/jacuzzi/sauna/massage tub for your bathroom renovation/decorating projects. Find the right stuff to help your home improvement project. The bathtub/jacuzzi/sauna/massage tub are available in Pegasus/ Modern Deport / SSWW/ Johnson Suisse/ Roca .

Floor Traps

Find the designer floor trap which suites your residential/commercial floor at Mandi BP. They are available in few quality brands such as Atget/ Johnson Suisse & their own brand EVANS.

Water Closet & Toilet Bowl Malaysia

Mandi BP is one of the company specialized in sanitary ware which also carry water closet in many different brands such as Johnson Suisse /Roca /Modern Depot /Huida / Econax / Sorrento / Abagno / Tora / Haustern /Toto / American Standard. Water Closet is a ceramic sanitary ware product which is used as a toilet. This kind of toilets are more hygiene and easy to clean. The Toilet which is designed to sit is known as water closets. Now it’s available is many designs and with automatic sensor as well.

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