How to choose a baby mattress?

1. Do some research

Although choosing this baby mattress may seem like a lot of fun, you should do a little research on it. You can’t just buy it without knowing if it’s good or not for the baby. Some are suitable for babies such as flat mattresses (no bumps), soft and organic.

2. Materials

Before buying baby mattresses, the important thing to note is the mattress. Mattresses made from organic matter such as silk-cotton tree are best because they are safe for baby’s health. Studies have found that pillows from organic matter can reduce harmful illnesses and provide comfort during sleep.

3. Size of the mattress

The size of this baby mattress should be simple. If it is too big it may not be suitable for infants and if it is too small, it should not be used for children when they are older.

4. The thickness of the mattress

When making baby mattress choices, you should also look at the thickness of the mattress. This is because choosing a mattress that is too thick will make it difficult for the baby to learn to grow.  Do not choose a mattress that is too hard for your baby to sleep comfortably.

5. Good ventilation

For a well-ventilated mattress can be seen while lying on the back of the body will feel sweaty. While the baby will develop rash and red spots. Because of this, babies can’t sleep comfortably and cry all day.

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