Office Ergonomic Factors:

There are four ergonomic factors in an office:

  • Furniture

The main furniture in the office is a desk and chairs. Standard height work tables are 29 – 30 inches high. Curved corners are better than sharp corners.

While ‘L’ shaped tables make it easier to get everything a worker needs.

When using a work chair, try adjusting the height of the chair to fit the elbow level to the table surface. If the chair backrest is uncomfortable, place a small cushion for support.

The armrest should be large enough (long and wide) to support and relax your arms while working. Therefore, invest in buying comfortable, quality, and adjustable chairs for each of its components such as backrest, armrest, and seat height.

  • Lighting

Misunderstandings in the office can cause discomfort to employees such as eye dryness, headaches, and loss of concentration.

With most of the work now being done using computers, we are receiving light from excessive screen monitors and glare.

To solve this problem, make sure your office light is bright without having too many shadows on your desk, reduce the brightness of the monitor screen and install office windows such as wood blinds or vertical blinds, if direct sunlight is directly to your computer.

  • Route

The space between the minimal and safe working desk is two feet wide (1,350 mm or 4 feet wide) in width.

Make it easy for two people to get through at the same time or one worker carries the goods without breaking the desk or dividing the desk.

  • Ventilation

No ventilation can cause us to breathe dirty air and a host of other unpleasant odors, which accumulate overnight in the office.

Therefore, before the office starts operating, it is advisable to open the windows for fresh air to come in and dirty air out.

Also, make sure the temperature is maintained to prevent heat from the heat of office light or cold like north poles. Office air conditioning service is on time and installs a water-freshener for fragrance freshness.

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