Benefits to use a standing fan to consider about:

  • Easy to move:

Pedestal fans are extremely portable and lightweight. So, unlike ceiling fans, they can be moved to and fro, which means that you can keep them wherever you like and turn it by simply plugging the switch in the socket. For instance, if you are sitting out in your balcony or terrace and would like to have a smooth breeze, you can easily carry your standing fan out in your terrace, plug it in and let it cool you down.

  • Multi-functional:

With the advancement in technology, humankind is booned with many innovations. And what could be a better example than the invention of an Air Conditioner. This brilliant invention did bring a transformation. However, an AC also comes with many disadvantages like power consumption. While a pedestal fan is economical and can be shifted from one place to another without any hassle, it’s also environment friendly. The maintenance cost is also less unlike an AC.

  • Modern pedestal fans:

Latest pedestal fans are now coming with remote control features that enable you to control the speed with the help of a remote while sitting at one place. They are now available with an option of expandable height that can be adjusted accordingly depending on your requirements.

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