Tips for Choosing Furniture

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The process does seem simple. However, before choosing furniture, it’s a good idea to invite family or residents to have a discussion first. This includes the matter of furniture needs, tastes, and most importantly: budget.

It must be remembered, the selection of furniture must be in accordance with the home design theme. A minimalist themed house certainly needs minimalist furniture. The same applies to the classic type – in this case: You can use teak furniture according to your taste. As for whatever you choose, make sure the furniture / furniture can appear harmonious, blend into the space, comfortable, and visually pleasing.

Realistically determine what type of furniture is most ideal for your home. After that, then you can enter other stages, starting from measuring the space (area, floor and ceiling height, wall shape, etc.); selection of paint or colors that match the walls; design determination; as well as adjustments to other furniture that is already in your room.

Here is tips when choosing furniture:

Align Furniture with Room Conditions

This is an absolute thing that you must fulfill. Even if you have unique furniture, if it doesn’t match the concept of space – of course this will only waste time, money, and energy. As a guideline, here are some considerations related to choosing furniture according to room conditions.

Furniture Size

To get the ideal size, it is better if you first determine the size and conditions of the room. For example, a minimalist house with limited space – of course it will be more suitable if it is filled with a variety of small to medium sized furniture. As for “forcing” to place furniture that is too large it will only make the room feel cramped, cramped, and uncomfortable. However, avoid buying very large furniture – especially if it ends up not meeting the needs of your family. In addition to “bloated” expenses, this will also result in the appearance of the house being not beautiful.

Color Selection

Choose a color that matches the walls; and other elements of interior decoration. As for the easy way, you can align the dominant colors in the room and avoid applying low contrast colors. Both of these methods are very important in themselves, especially to ensure that the presence of furniture is unified and does not cause imbalances that can damage the beauty of space.

Functions of Space and Furniture

As explained in the example of dining chairs at the beginning, the selection of furniture should be adjusted to the function of the room. For example, the family room. Given its function as a “place to gather and chat together”, it is better to choose a sofa that is comfortable and slightly large (depending on the number of families) to accommodate this function. Also choose furniture that is “resistant” to the risk of food or drink spilled stains.

As for beautifying and creating a clean and elegant impression, you can also add special furniture to store objects. After all, nowadays, there are a lot of cupboards and drawers that have attractive designs and designs; of course with a variety of sizes. Be wise in choosing furniture. There are times when you are more likely to want to buy expensive furniture – just because you like shape; features; or even a luxurious “image” attached to the object. When in fact, you don’t really need the furniture. This habit is certainly not good; because you are clearly at risk of spending your budget on things that are not important.


It has become a common thing that you must choose a furniture design that matches the theme of the space. However, it is still recommended that you choose a furniture design that is timeless. Apart from saving on the budget; You can also “be creative” by changing the appearance of furniture according to the times.

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